Palm Grove Hot Springs & Mountain Resort


Because we want EVERYONE to have a safe, enjoyable time, we do have a few rules.


For starters, we don’t allow alcoholic beverages of any kind to be brought in.  We are a family-friendly facility and we don’t want to encourage or facilitate excessive drinking.


We require proper swim wear – this means suits or clothing made of lycra, polyester or spandex materials.  Ergo, the following materials and clothing are PROHIBITED from entering the swimming pool:

  1. Cotton T-Shirts or shorts

  2. Maong Shorts

  3. Cutoffs (cutoff shorts)

  4. Loose or extra-long clothing

  5. Sports jerseys

  6. and any other articles that management deems unsuitable

For your convenience, we do rent (100 Pesos) and sell (100 Pesos) appropriate swim wear.


Of course, all of the ‘traditional’ pool rules apply, including, but not limited to these:

  1. Everyone must bathe (with soap) PRIOR to entering the pools.

  2. NO running or diving.

  3. NO diapers.

  4. Observe and respect all instructions from resort personnel.

And parents must lovingly (yet firmly) remind their children that the pool is not a toilet. Better still, take your youngest ones to the bathroom hourly.

Put yourself in my 8 shoes – I mean, give an octopus a break!