Palm Grove Hot Springs & Mountain Resort


TWIN & DELUXE ROOMS (accommodates 2-4 people)

(ALL rooms are air-conditioned, of course!)

Our DAY RATE includes 2 entrance admissions for just 1,800 Pesos.

Our OVERNIGHT RATE includes 4 entrance admissions and 2 complimentary breakfast meals for just 2,500 Pesos.


Our OVERNIGHT RATE includes 8 entrance admissions as well as 4 complimentary breakfast meals, all for just 5,500 Pesos.


Hosting a group?  Our dormitory rooms will have them feeling likes kids again.  We have 3 sizes to suit every occasion.

Our smallest room sleeps up to 6 persons and costs just 2,400 Pesos.

Our large room sleeps up to 12 persons and runs 4,800 Pesos.

Our extra large room sleeps up to 14 persons and is 5,600 Pesos.

Whichever room you choose, you’ll enjoy the collegial atmosphere.  Each bunk includes its own locker to protect ones valuables.

And of course, you’re group will want to plan on taking advantage of our many amenities, which you can find on this page.